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Your week ahead (11-17 August)

Have a great week! Aries The Hermit – being introspective – thinking things over, looking for answers within, needing to understand; searching – wanting the truth at all costs, desiring a new direction, needing more; receiving/giving guidance – going to or being a mentor, turning to or being a trusted teacher; seeking solitude – needing

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Your week ahead (14-20 July)

Have a great week! Aries The Empress – mothering – giving birth, nourishing life, expressing tenderness; welcoming abundance – luxuriating in plenty, having more than enough, feeling rich; experiencing the senses – giving and receiving pleasure, focusing on the body, doing physical activity; responding to Nature – embracing the natural, feeling connected to the Earth,

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Your week ahead (31 March – 6 April)

Sorry about the delay – I’ve had a heavy weekend! Interesting that all four 7s are present this week – I’m sure it must mean something… Have a great week, everyone! Aries King of Swords – being intellectual – ably carrying out research, using thought creatively; being analytical – applying reason and logic, understanding a

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Your week ahead (10-16 March)

Have a great week! Aries Ace of Swords – using mental force – being objective, finding out the facts, analysing the situation; having fortitude – facing problems, finding the strength to overcome; seeking justice – righting a wrong, accepting responsibility, establishing the truth; proceeding with truth – cutting through confusion, being honest, having clear understanding

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Your week ahead (3-9 February)

Greetings from London! Hope you have a fantastic week! Aries 10 of Pentacles – enjoying affluence – feeling financially secure, having a good run of fortune, being free from money problems; seeking permanence – looking for a solution that will las…

Your week ahead (27 January – 2 February)

Have a good week! Aries 10 of Cups – feeling joy – radiating love, delighting in good fortune, counting your blessings; enjoying peace – doing away with hostilities, reducing stress and tension, calling a truce; looking to the family – working for…