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Midweek Messages!

Thank you for your interest in my new Midweek Messages! You can see the other readings I offer here. Midweek Messages are also available as a Monthly Bundle with the Instagram Story Readings and the Weekend Specials.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I often have a midweek offer in my Instagram stories. Subscribing to the Midweek Messages will guarantee six cards from your person every Wednesday for a whole month!

Decks I will be using include:

  • Love Notes
  • Twin Flame Messages
  • Les Mots d’Amour (volumes 1 and 2)
  • Messages from the Divine Masculine
  • Hidden Truth Oracle
  • Divine Love Cards
  • Love Letters from your Divine Counterpart
  • Unspoken Words from the Heart

Below are samples of the cards I’ll be using.

Messages from the Divine Masculine
Les Mots d’Amour
Twin Flame Messages
Divine Love Cards
Messages from your Divine Counterpart

Cards will be drawn every Wednesday and can either be posted in my Instagram stories or sent to you via DM. Please note that this subscription is for one calendar month only. If a subscription is purchased after the 1st week of any month, it will begin the following month – this is so that subscribers don’t miss out on any cards. For example, a monthly subscription bought on the 7th of November will start in December.

This subscription is great value for money at $33.33 as I usually charge $9.99 for each reading.

Midweek Messages!

Get six message cards from your person every Wednesday. This payment is non-refundable.


I look forward to reading for you!

To learn more about my journey with tarot, click here.

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