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Your destiny lies in your own hands

Thank you for your interest in my Instagram Story readings. You can see the other readings I offer here. Instagram Story Readings are also available as a Monthly Bundle with Midweek Messages and the Weekend Specials.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I do at least four card draws every week on my Instagram stories. People comment on the relevant post and are randomly selected for a card by an app. If they aren’t selected via the app and still want a card, they have the option of purchasing a card by making a donation.

Subscribing to my Instagram Story readings will guarantee a card for each draw for a whole month! This is just a selection of decks used.

Cards are drawn at least four times each week. Please note that this subscription is for one calendar month only. If a subscription is purchased after the 1st of any month, it will begin automatically the following month – this is so that subscribers don’t miss out on any cards. For example, a monthly subscription bought on the 6th of April will start in May.

Please note that subscriptions are not refundable.

Instagram Story Readings – one-month subscription

A one-month subscription that guarantees a card in every Instagram Story reading.


I look forward to reading for you!


To learn more about my journey with tarot, click here.

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