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Mini Love Readings

Thank you for your interest in a ‘Notes by Nectar’ Mini Love Reading.

The Mini Love Reading is helpful when you want a quick snapshot of what’s currently going on in your relationship.

***This reading does not include an interpretation from me as the messages on the cards are quite clear***

The reading consists of at least seven cards:

  • Three cards from the Truth Deck showing you a snapshot of your current situation
  • Three love messages from your person, one from each of the following decks: Love Notes, Twin Flame Messages and Messages from the Divine Masculine/Feminine
  • One card from the Romance Angels deck as additional guidance
  • A bonus card for additional guidance

Here’s a sample reading.

Delivery is via Instagram DM within 3 days. Once you have paid, please send me a message via DM on Instagram including your name and the name of your counterpart.

Mini Love Reading

A seven-card snapshot of your situation as it is currently. This reading does not include an interpretation as the cards are easy to understand.


I look forward to reading for you!


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