Notes by Nectar

Your destiny lies in your own hands

Dear <your name here>

Thank you for ordering a ‘Notes by Nectar’ Love Reading!

Attached is a photo of the card drawn from the ‘Psychic Tarot of the Heart’ deck.


Balance is an important aspect in all areas of life, but it is especially important in relationships, both with others and with yourself. This card suggests that you examine your relationships to see if they are truly in balance. A healthy relationship should include time together as well as time apart – you don’t have to be together all the time! Take some time in peaceful solitude to renew your acquaintance with yourself. Acknowledge what you bring to the relationship and what your partner brings to it. Ensure that you both play an equal role and one of you isn’t dominant over the other.

In order for a relationship to be harmonious, compromise is important. Be willing to give and receive. By finding the middle ground, you’ll help to ensure that your needs and those of your partner are met. Compromise also includes accepting that everyone is different; we are all individuals with different personalities and ways of looking at the world. Embrace your differences and rejoice in your similarities. If you find yourselves disagreeing about something, work through your issues honestly and with love. Be confident that your differences can be resolved. This is an excellent time to help heal discordant relationships by bringing them into better balance.

If you’re seeking a romantic relationship, balancing aspects of your own life will open the way to new love. Also, making sure that your relationships with family and friends are in balance will set the tone for any new romance that is heading your way.

That concludes your reading for this week. Thank you for letting me read for you!

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